Summer Ideas for Sensory and Speech

sensory speech gamesSensory play and exploration are fun options to integrate when working on speech and language goals. Many children will benefit from combining them together because it will satisfy their sensory needs so they are able to focus more. While we used to have water tables for classrooms, it is possible to make portable sensory bins for summer that bring surf, sun, and fun to kids of all ages. These may be brought outside, used in a smaller space, or incorporated into a classroom environment in a center. Read More »

Jumping for Joy in Speech

jumping for joy speechMoving around when working with kids during the summer is important for speech and language sessions. Kids needs to be focused, and that can be difficult to accomplish when the school year is done. Use outside space as much as possible. Kids are flexible, so think about different spaces and places nearby that may work for getting kids to jump around while working on their personal speech and language goals. These suggested activities can get your kids excited for speech sessions, stay active, but also keep focused on their session's purpose! Read More »

Lots of Lovely Ladybugs

ladybug activitiesSummertime means that there are lots of insects all around us to see! While most people want to avoid ants, mosquitoes, bees, and wasps, there is one insect that people don’t mind seeing. The lucky ladybug is very popular with most kids. Getting to know this lovely little red friend is a great way to spend time during summer months in speech and language. Read More »

Fireworks for the Fourth

fireworks activitiesWhen you think of Independence Day, most people will automatically think of all things red, white, and blue. Of course, one of the most popular things on that special day in the United States is fireworks. Take time to talk to kids about the ways they celebrate the holiday and whether or not they go to a fireworks display. Discuss the sounds, sights, and other descriptors related to this beautiful and special day for America. Read More »

Bouncing into Outdoor Speech Fun

outdoor speech funSummer weather means that outside sessions may be possible. If the sun is out and it isn't too warm, head out and about for some speech and language focused learning and fun. Any playground equipment, sports balls, or other outside accessories can be used in different ways to incorporate speech goals. The best part about these is it will keep kids actively engaged. Read More »

Facts about Fathers

fathers day speech activitiesIt is important to celebrate the special men in the life of each child, especially with Father's Day approaching us this Sunday! Father's Day is the perfect time to spend time getting to know the important individuals that are male role models to children in your sessions. Remember that not every child has their father in their life, so focus on the men that mean a lot to them at home, in the community, or in the school. Read More »