The Bilingual Graduate Experience

Irmgard Payne, M.S. CCC-SLP, Bilingual Clinical Supervisor, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas

Irmgard R. Payne is a clinical supervisor at the Miller Speech and Hearing Clinic on the Texas Christian University campus. She supervises the clinical practicum of undergraduate and graduate students and supervises graduate students in the Emphasis for Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology program. Interests include Speech and Language Disorders in Bilingual Populations, Multicultural Issues and Accent Modification. When Nate Cornish asked me write an entry for the Bilingual Therapies Blog regarding the clinical experience in a bilingual Speech-Language Pathology program, I took a peek at previous entries to the blog. I was pleased to see that Dr. Raquel Anderson had written the blog for January of this year. Dr. Anderson was my clinical supervisor when I did my clinical practicum at Texas Christian University (TCU). Her blog was titled Bilingual Graduate Programs: What Students Should Know and How They Can Prepare. My blog will basically follow along those recommendations and describe what TCU offers in our Emphasis in Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology within our Master of Science graduate program. All bilingual programs are different depending on their size and resources; however, some of the basic information on bilingual development, disorders, multicultural and linguistic considerations and clinical experiences are essential for effective training. The goal for my blog is to provide information about what we do in our program and for this to provide a model for a bilingual graduate experience. Read More »