Narrative Assessments with Spanish-Speaking Children

Anny P. Castilla, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in CSD, State University of New York – Fredonia, Fredonia, NY

Dr. Anny Castilla completed her clinical degree as a speech-language pathologist in La Universidad del Valle, in Cali, Colombia. In 2008, she obtained her doctorate degree at The University of Toronto. Currently, Dr. Castilla is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences at SUNY Fredonia in New York. It is my pleasure to share my experience and knowledge on the use of narratives as a language assessment tool in Spanish-speaking (SS) children. I have worked with narratives since I began my doctoral work in 2003. In my own research, I have used narratives to examine typical and atypical language in preschool SS. In other work with my colleagues, I have also used narratives to examine the influence of Spanish-language skills on the acquisition of English and the effect of a Spanish supplemental program on Spanish language development. Read More »