5 Pointers for Bilingual Students

Melissa D. White, M.A., CCC-SLP University of Texas-Austin, Austin, TX Melissa is a bilingual speech-language pathologist who has worked with culturally and linguistically diverse school age children with various communication disorders in Texas and Illinois. Previously, Melissa served as a clinical faculty supervisor for the University of Texas- Austin Speech and Hearing Center (UTSHC). There, Melissa primarily supervised graduate students during their bilingual Spanish rotations and worked as a clinical mentor on the Implementing Treatment Practices (ITP) Project, which is a training grant through the Office of Special Education, U.S. Department of Education. Melissa currently works through Bilingual Therapies at the Northside ISD in San Antonio, TX and is a Team Leader for the Mountain West region. I’ve supervised many graduate students over the years and know that the weeks before spring break can be very stressful.  Most of you started graduate school with the goal of finishing the program and being a bilingual SLP.  What you might not have known was the roller coaster ride it was going to be.  Here are some tips to help you stay on track.

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