Perspectives on Being a Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist from Clinicians at Various Points in their Careers

Greetings! The field of speech-language pathology, and our practice as bilingual clinicians, is always changing. Along with these outside changes, our own experiences make us evolve as individuals. It’s good to assess our own roles and views of the profession periodically, and in doing so it seems valuable to hear the experiences of others. We can be inspired by the energy and earnestness of newer clinicians, and we can benefit from the perspective and experience of more seasoned practitioners. This month’s ¡Adelante! article is a compilation of reflections about the profession from three clinicians at different points in their careers. Sara Bayona is a recent graduate who is busily growing as a CF. Raquel Martínez has participated in a number of working environments in the few years since she completed her CFY. Karen Miranda has broad experience both as a speech-language pathologist and a speech aide. Each of them shares important insights into life as a bilingual clinician in this unique article. Please feel free to share your own in the comment section! Read More »