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Interaction in Bilingual Language Acquisition

October 16, 2008

Thank you for viewing this newest edition of “Adelante.”  Dr. Brian Goldstein asked Bilingual Therapies to post his keynote address from the July 2008 Bilingual Symposium in Los Cabos, Mexico.  This hour-long presentation is entitled, “Interaction in Bilingual Language Acquisition.” It is commonly accepted that bilinguals are not two monolinguals in one (Grosjean, 1989).  This […]

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Phonological Treatment with Bilingual Individuals

April 3, 2008

Thank you for joining the April 2008 edition of Adelante!  This month, Dr. Leah Fabiano will discuss Phonological Treatment with Bilingual Individuals. The information Dr. Fabiano presents includes: Reviewing existing research on bilingual acquisition and intervention with bilingual children Reviewing current approaches to bilingual speech and language intervention Completing the therapy goal selection process Completing […]

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Assessment of Phonological Skills in Bilingual Children

March 17, 2008

This month’s video, presented by Brian Goldstein, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, will cover the assessment of phonological skills in bilingual children.  The following topics will be discussed: Completing a case history specific to phonological skills. Completing an independent analysis. Completing a relational analysis. Linking results from the assessment to intervention goals. 0

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Bilingualism and Autism Spectrum Disorders

February 17, 2008

¡Bienvenidos! This month’s topic of discussion is Autism Spectrum Disorders and the Bilingual Individual. Given the increasing number of bilingual children in the United States, and the increasing frequency of autism diagnoses, there is surprisingly little information available for clinicians who work with children who are “on the spectrum” from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.A […]

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Welcome to the Bilingual Therapies Blog

January 25, 2008

Hello, and welcome to the first edition of Bilingual Therapies Inc.’s new blog “¡Adelante!” I invite you to view the video, which explains a little about the purpose of this community forum. After playing the video, please take a moment to become familiar with the blog and post your comments. We are especially interested in […]

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