Summer Sensory and Sounds in the Sand

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summer-tropical-speech-activityIn the past, schools used to have water and sand tables for kids to explore and play. These tables are a bit rarer now. The nice thing is that you can make your own summer sensory bin that is portable. This way you can bring the beach to your speech and language sessions.

Find Treasures in the Sand

The first thing you will need is a shallow clear container. Local craft and dollar stores will have a lot of the items to make it look like you have beach front property for your sessions. Look for decorative sand, seashells, glass gem stones, and other items to use as your base of the beach. Next, toss in summer time objects like palm trees, fish, dolphins, flip flops, and items that you are working on in sessions.  Bring in little plastic shovels and sifters to make it even more fun to search for items in the sand.

Make clue cards for the kids to go on a treasure hunt for items in their beach bin. Make the clue so they will have to use some problem solving, but toss in some rhyming, articulation practice, and be sure to ask everyone to repeat the clues and what they think they are looking for while digging into the sand. Continue doing this and have kids tell you about other items that they find. Strategically hide items that may not be beach related, but words that you are working on for articulation or vocabulary building.

Sea Shell Letter Game

Older children may not want to dig in the sand. Make a play beach for them and place clam shell halves face down. On the flip side, have a letter or sound combinations like |ch| |fl| |st|. Whatever word they say, they need to act it out for the group. Another variation of this could be to select a shell with a sound and find the items that match it in the bin or a deck of picture cards.

Beach Sensory Bag

Playing House made an aquarium sensory bag that could be done with a beach twist. This activity could be done with the students and then sent home with instructions. Write up a sheet on how to play I Spy and other games that work on specific speech and language goals. Be sure to include items that will assist multilingual families to feel comfortable with the activity on their own.


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  1. Maria Diaz de Leon says:

    Where will you have your 2015 symposium? Also, when will you have a symposium in Cancun in the future?

    • Nathan Cornish says:

      Hello Maria! You have great timing. Last week we announced that the 2015 Bilingual Symposium will be on the island of St. Maarten. ( It’s in the Caribbean and is shared by France and the Netherlands, (with a lot of Spanish influence as well). I’m glad to hear you’re interested in going back to Cancun! I can’t give away all our ideas for 2016, but I’ll admit that Cancun and other destinations in Mexico have been discussed. We hope to see you in St. Maarten!