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Increase Your Skill Set With a Degree in Dyslexia Therapy

February 26, 2015

Over the past decade or so, more and more children are being diagnosed with dyslexia. This language-based learning disability includes a variety of symptoms that result in individuals having difficulties with specific language skills. Oftentimes, teachers will notice it when problems with reading begin. Many children who are dyslexic have a difficult time with spelling, […]

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Tackle #theblizzardof2015 with these FREE Winter Speech Activities!

January 29, 2015

The winter storm of 2015 is in full swing, but it doesn’t mean that your fun winter activities must come to a halt! There are so many symbols and words associated with the winter season so finding themed speech activity ideas isn’t too difficult. We’ve done a little bit of the scraping (ice pun intended) for you and we’ve […]

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Books for Dramatic Play with Songs

September 25, 2014

Children love to act things out, sing, and dance. Ask even the shyest child to sing along with a silly song and you can usually get them actively engaged. Dramatic play may not seem like it has a place in speech and language sessions, but it is a powerful resource. Not only will it get […]

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Vocabulary Building for Confidence

September 18, 2014

When working on speech and language goals with children, it may be difficult to assess their vocabulary acquisition. Some children may be too shy to share what they know for fear of saying a word the wrong way. Other children may just be uncomfortable and unwilling. The goals during the start of the school year […]

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Plant a Flower Word Garden

May 8, 2014

April Showers have now delivered beautiful May flowers all over the landscape. Take some time to add some May flowers into the speech and language sessions with your students. Almost any goal or skill that you are working on is flexible enough to sprinkle some flower power into the mix.   0

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Lots of -ings for Spring

April 10, 2014

Children who are multilingual may have a more difficult time properly conjugating the progressive forms of verbs. While the -ing form of the verb remains the same, the helpers before them are important in the present, past, and future tenses. Since this might be tedious, think outside of the box and actively engage your students […]

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