How do YOU Read Across America?!

Read Across America Day The iconic day when teachers, therapists, parents, and of course - students - get to celebrate the wonders of reading is almost here. Friday, March 2nd is National Read Across America Day. This is one of our favorite days since our entire BT team LOVES to read. We have a few fun suggestions for those who are looking for ways to celebrate with your students and families.

Share your #Shelfie

We are celebrating by sharing #shelfies on our social media pages these next few days. What's a #shelfie, you ask? It's our way of sharing our love of reading by posting a selfie with our book & shelf on social media. Check out a few of our team shelfies:             We encourage you to share a #shelfie with us by posting in the comments section below, or sharing with us by tagging "Bilingual Therapies" on Facebook or mentioning @bilingualthera on Twitter. Be on the lookout after you share with us - you might just spot your #shelfie on our social pages!

Culture Club

Celebrate different cultures by incorporating diverse books into your lessons and sessions. Have your kids bring in or suggest books they read at home, or reach out to parents to find out. There are a number of online resources and book suggestions from other educators, parents, and therapists. Here are a few of the sites we recommend: Good Reads - Best Multicultural Books for Children How to Choose the Best Multicultural Books Disability in Kid Lit CBC Books We Need Diverse Books Besides posting on social media and incorporating fun, diverse books into your sessions, there are many other ways to observe Read Across America Day. Try incorporating dramatic play while you read with your kids, or integrate a theme into your reading efforts, like this pirate idea. How else do YOU Read Across America? Share your favorite idea with us in the comment section below or on our social pages! Read More »

The Importance of Black History Month

black history monthBlack History Month is celebrated in the United States during February. Schools often spend a lot of time talking about the important accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It’s also crucial to spend additional time to focus on other men and women who fought for civil rights in America. Children in multilingual families may come from areas where they did not have many rights before they came to this country. Spend time sharing their stories and be able to compare to the history of the United States. Read More »

A Month of #BTLove

February is known as a month to celebrate love, with Valentine's Day happening mid-month. Besides loving your family, friends, and partner, it also feels great to love your job, right? This month, we wanted to find out how much our clinicians love working for Bilingual Therapies, or more specifically - with their recruiter. When we asked our clinicians to share a short quote with their thoughts, we were overwhelmed and humbled by the responses. We are so proud to have such talented clinicians on our team, and want to spread some #BTLove to everyone this month! Here are some of the responses we received from our clinicians:       We feel so honored to have such great clinicians on our team, and that they also feel loved by our recruiters & team! Have any #BTLove to share with us? Comment below, and you may just be featured on our social media pages!   Looking for more support in your career & want to feel some #BTLove by joining our work family? Check out our latest school-based openings here or contact us today! Read More »

Focusing on Feelings and Relationships

feelings valentines day craftValentine’s Day gives us the chance to think about people we love. While love is in the air, it’s not the only feeling which students need to be familiar with. If you want them to be open during different therapy sessions, they must be able to communicate different feelings. What feelings do they have about people, places, and things which are part of their world? Kids of all ages enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day because they can be creative and work on expressing their feelings. Working on projects which allow them to practice ways to share their feelings about school will encourage it throughout the year and beyond. Read More »

Getting to Know Who People Are

Looks can be deceiving. A smile on someone’s face may not really let you know what is happening in their life and who they are. Kids need to learn that you can’t judge a person based on what they look like, how they dress, and a variety of other factors. It’s always a good time to regroup and do some team building during sessions. Take some time to readdress the importance of getting to know those who are in your learning community. The more kids understand differences among them, the more they will accept peers and stand up for them. This is a big social skills goal, but also works on communication goals, fine motor practice, and more. Read More »

When it’s More Than Laryngitis: Common Voice Problems in Children

vocal problemsSpeaking requires effort and cooperation of multiple body parts. The vocal cords do not shape how your voice sounds on their own. It is the continuous effort of your lungs, chest muscles, tissues in your nose and the back of your throat, and nerves in the brain that work together as a team to give your voice it’s unique sound and strength. Read More »