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Breaking the Back to School Blues with Books

back to school books Heading back to school can be tough for everyone involved. New routines, schedule changes, and demands can often make kids a little sad, nervous, and confused. Thanks to this, it is often nice to do some items that will help you to bond in individual and group sessions with the children you are working with. Read More »

Hungry Caterpillars and Beautiful Butterflies

Nature is a great source of inspiration for children, especially in the spring when you can often witness miracles before your eyes. An example of this that many classrooms participate in is raising caterpillars into butterflies. Children are able to watch as the little fuzzy critters create a cocoon and go through a metamorphosis to become beautiful butterflies. If teachers are not participating in this, you may want to investigate doing this within your own speech room. The following activities would be a fun way to supplement this reading. Read More »

Rain Puddles and Imagination in Speech Therapy

Those pesky April showers also leave us with plenty of puddles. Puddles are fun for children to play in, talk about, and explore. If you are not able to go outside to splash and play in puddles, a simple book can spur some activities to keep everyone busy indoors. Read More »

Sports and Language Communication

We’re All in This Together – Getting Children into Sports and Other Games Playing sports is a great way to teach children how to work together. It can bridge gaps in communication, build team-working skills, and form friendships. It helps children work on their motor skills, get physical activity, and more. Some kids enjoy playing sports, and some don’t. If a child isn’t the soccer team or baseball type, try suggesting signing them up for chess, trying an online game together, or trying another hobby of the child’s choosing that involves working with other children. If they are an introvert, that’s quite all right. Suggest that their parent helps practice social skills in a calm setting, stressing communication and fun with their child’s select circle of friends. Read More »

Cooking Outdoors as a Language Tool

Using Cooking Outdoors as a Language Tool Whether you have a grill, a fire pit, smoker, or an old fashioned trench full of charcoal, cooking is a great way to help children learn new language skills. Teaching them to identify foods, drinks, and cooking utensils is a great start. Suggest having the child help with food prep, or if they are old enough, help with cooking. Read More »