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Flash Cards for Fall

fall-autumn-speech-therapy-ideasThe change of seasons is a great time to focus on expanding vocabulary and practicing word fluency. Making fall flash cards will provide opportunities for different activities within sessions. In addition to this, once students are done with the cards in school, they are portable and easy to send home for additional use toward speech and language goals. Flash cards can be made ahead of time, or done as an activity during a session. Be sure to include pictures and words so they may be used for a variety of age levels. If there is time, students could draw pictures onto index cards with the words to make them more personalized. Select different words for autumn holidays, fall sights, and even sounds. If focusing on a specific sound, include descriptive words to focus on those. It could be a red apple if your goal is the |r| sound. Read More »

Language Adventures with Apples

apple activities speechThe fall apple harvest provides a wonderful way to integrate these delicious fruits into lesson plans and speech and language goals. Children love to learn about these popular fruits and in doing crafts, reading books, and exploring expand their vocabulary and build conversational confidence. Read More »