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Therapy Activities Using Fruits And Vegetables

fruits and vegetables for speech therapy activity Fruits and vegetables are a creative (delicious) resource to use for various therapy activities. Not only do they provide a fun hands-on experience for students, but can often hold cultural ties as well. This is a great way to integrate a lesson on culture and history into a fun therapy session as well. Read More »

Seasonal Fruit and Vegetable Language Activities

summer speech activity back to school fruits vegetablesThe variety of available fruits and vegetables changes with the season. Kids may not be as aware of this, because you can often find most food in our grocery stores.  Ask children if they have ever been to a farmers market for fresh fruits and vegetables. Take time before starting to poll the group to see what their favorites may be. Email all families to check in on special fruits and vegetables and identify any potential allergies. Multilingual students may have something special because of cultural ties or where their family lived before the United States. Read More »