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Summer Sensory and Sounds in the Sand

summer-tropical-speech-activityIn the past, schools used to have water and sand tables for kids to explore and play. These tables are a bit rarer now. The nice thing is that you can make your own summer sensory bin that is portable. This way you can bring the beach to your speech and language sessions. Read More »

Having a Ball with Speech

speech-language-summer-activitiesThe summer is here and it's time to get outside when the weather is nice. Kids love to play and make up games with balls on the playground. They adore balls that bounce, ones that they can toss in the air, and any other kind that you can think of. Why not incorporate the use of balls into some speech and language activities while having some fun?   Read More »

Putting Pinwheels to Work with Language Skills

practicing words and sounds therapy Practicing words, sounds, and other language skills can quickly go from fun to hard work for younger children. When kids are actively engaged in what they are doing, they tend to work on the item more when away from the session and meet the goals faster. Kids of all ages will enjoy going out for a walk and bringing a pinwheel outside to do a lesson out and about in the sunshine. For each of the activities, you will need to purchase several pinwheels in advance. Look at dollar stores and in toy sections of retailers. Read More »