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Lots of Love and More Beyond Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day speech activitiesValentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to work with kids on the topic of love. From here, you may dive into special people in their lives and how they feel about them. Many children may have a difficult time discussing their feelings, so being creative during this process will help them to be more comfortable. Additional topics and focus could be on friendships, sharing, caring, and how to express your feelings with words. Speech and language skills will work well with all of these possibilities. Read More »

Sharing Thanksgiving Traditions and More

thanksgiving activitiesAmericans spend a lot of time preparing for Thanksgiving. This special holiday is filled with family, food, turkey, and making memories with those you love. For those who come from multilingual families, they may have different traditions. It's a great time to embrace all of unique things that each family does together. Take time to connect with those at home to see if there are any particular foods they eat or customs they have for Thanksgiving. If there is time, try to organize a mini-Thanksgiving for everyone to share. Read More »

Extending Holiday Fun with Books

holiday-books-reading-classroom-activityThe holiday season is here, and kids of all ages love to get into the spirit. December is a wonderful time to talk about different celebrations that take place like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and more. Holidays allow kids to talk about their family customs and more. As children talk about special items that they do with their families, it helps to increase their conversational language skills, boost their confidence, and add more seasonal vocabulary to the mix. Read More »