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Gingerbread Tales and Special Pals

holiday gingerbread speech activityThe traditional gingerbread man story has changed a lot over the years. This means that there are many different versions of the story out for kids of all ages to get to know. Some may be similar to the classic, while others stray quite a bit from the familiar tale. The winter is a wonderful time to get to know different stories and use them within speech and language to share, compare, and talk about differences. In addition to this, gingerbread friends and houses are fun to make into activities to go along with the unit of study. Read More »

Winter Speech Therapy Homework for Holiday Break

Winter Break Speech Therapy Homework Holiday Word Games Concentrating on speech and language goals in the winter can be tough. Between the holidays, vacations, and other disruptions, focus can be hard to maintain. No matter what is happening, you must get items accomplished during sessions with students. Assessments are done throughout the year, so mix up some word games to practice sounds, phrases, pragmatics, grammar, or other skills. You can take a familiar game and twist it a little to add some interest level and extra zing. Read More »

Extending Holiday Fun with Books

holiday-books-reading-classroom-activityThe holiday season is here, and kids of all ages love to get into the spirit. December is a wonderful time to talk about different celebrations that take place like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and more. Holidays allow kids to talk about their family customs and more. As children talk about special items that they do with their families, it helps to increase their conversational language skills, boost their confidence, and add more seasonal vocabulary to the mix. Read More »