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Hungry Caterpillars and Beautiful Butterflies

Nature is a great source of inspiration for children, especially in the spring when you can often witness miracles before your eyes. An example of this that many classrooms participate in is raising caterpillars into butterflies. Children are able to watch as the little fuzzy critters create a cocoon and go through a metamorphosis to become beautiful butterflies. If teachers are not participating in this, you may want to investigate doing this within your own speech room. The following activities would be a fun way to supplement this reading. Read More »

Searching for Signs of Spring for Speech

After a long winter, it is a great idea to take some sessions outside. Whether you are at a school with a playground, at a home where you can go outside during a session, or just want to walk out the front door, you can easily adapt and be flexible. When the weather cooperates, the outside environment provides a great background for some lessons.  Read More »

Gardening: Plant the Seeds of Language

Gardening: Plant the Seeds of Language  There are so many great activities which can revolve around gardening. It is perfect for just about any location as the garden can be in a small container next to a window or in the big back yard. It offers language skills revolving around math, science, nature, weather, history, cooking, food, culture, and just about any other topic you can imagine. Additionally, it affords the educator with a fun and fruitful way to connect with children throughout the entire summer – or year! Read More »