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Celebrating Important Women for Mother’s Day

Mothers DayMother’s Day is on May 14. This means that it is the perfect time to celebrate important women in the lives of children. In May, we celebrate mothers and other women who are special to us. Children will enjoy talking about the special people from life outside of school and making something to give to these women. Read More »

Ready to Celebrate Mother’s Day

mothers-day-speech-therapy-activityMother's Day is a major celebration in the United States. As we head into the month of May, it's a nice time to do something in speech sessions that will focus on mothers. It is always nice to be able to encourage children to talk about parts of their life. This allows them to be more comfortable with conversation skills. Making crafts allows children to work on speech and language goals while also making a project that they may take home for a special someone this Mother's Day. Read More »