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Summer Opportunities for Professional Growth

June marks the end of yet another academic year. Summer is a time to relax, visit friends and relatives, see new places, and also a time to seek opportunities for continuation education and professional growth. If you wish to travel to accumulate continuation education credits, I can recommend three conferences. Unfortunately, two of the conferences are held during conflicting times. Read More »

Ideas for Professional Growth

A Personal Note:

I received my doctoral degree in the field of psycholinguistics and special education including all requirements to be a certified Speech Language Pathologist almost 30 years ago (1977). If I had not “kept up” with the trends and waves of the profession, I could not have qualified to join the faculty of a training institution 8 years ago. Upon completing my doctoral degree, I moved to a different state and, regrettably, I was unable to find a teaching job in higher education. Even though it was discouraging at first, I decided to focus and develop my areas of interest (bilingualism and language learning disabilities) while trying to keep up with the evolution of profession. In those days, Continuation Education Certificates were available through ASHA but they were not mandatory to maintain certification or licensure. For 20 years prior to my academic appointment, I continued to learn and gain new knowledge in the field through multiple avenues that included attending conferences, reading journals and books, participating in research projects with other colleagues, writing, offering workshops in my area of expertise as well lecturing at local universities. Read More »