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Let it Snow

snow activitiesWinter is here and the snow is falling in a lot of the country. The cooler temperatures may mean that sessions must be inside. Why not build a snowman or play in snow inside while keeping warm? With a few easy to find ingredients, you can make snow with your students and use it within sessions for a variety of ways. Pretend to get your winter gear on to make it more fun and have fun playing in the snow with this sensory friendly activity. Read More »

Halloween Style Sensory Exploration

halloween-speech-language-activityWorking on speech and language goals requires thinking outside of the box from time to time. Children learn well when you involve their senses, so incorporating this can be beneficial. Children that are shyer about their speech will often open up more when actively engaged in an activity and exploring items for fun holidays. Halloween is a great opportunity to combine the two together. Read More »