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Sensory Play for Halloween

Halloween sensory binsSensory boxes are not simply for use in occupational therapy sessions. These days, we often integrate different resources to engage children and all of their senses. This helps them to participate more and focus less on the skill building part of the activity. The best part is they have fun and want to continue working on their goals. Halloween is the perfect time to combine all of this together to use in a variety of ways. Read More »

Summer Ideas for Sensory and Speech

sensory speech gamesSensory play and exploration are fun options to integrate when working on speech and language goals. Many children will benefit from combining them together because it will satisfy their sensory needs so they are able to focus more. While we used to have water tables for classrooms, it is possible to make portable sensory bins for summer that bring surf, sun, and fun to kids of all ages. These may be brought outside, used in a smaller space, or incorporated into a classroom environment in a center. Read More »