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Follow the Leader with Simon Says

follow the leaderActively engaging kids to practice skills and work on goals can be tricky as the academic year progresses. Sometimes it’s nice to take something familiar and give it a little twist. Kids of all ages like to play Simon Says, so why not change it up a bit? The beauty of this approach is you can use modeling in a fun way to work on a wide variety of skills in different types of sessions. Read More »

Simon Says Let’s Try Something New

Sspeech-language-drawing-activityimon says you are going to try something a little different with your students during speech and language. Get some paper. Oh no, Simon did not say to get the paper. Kids of all ages will enjoy playing some different variations of Simon Says. This is a great way to mix things up during your speech and language sessions. As a bonus, it will get you moving and have everyone using their imagination at the same time. Read More »