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Focus for the New Academic Year in Speech and Language

new-school-year-therapyThe first few months of school are filled with a lot of transitions. Many students may be new to speech and language sessions, while others already know the routine. It is important to spend time each year to get to know everyone, go over expectations, and clear up any concerns or questions that the kids may have. The more you know the children you work with, the better you can adjust future activities to work on their individual needs and goals. Read More »

Breaking the Back to School Blues with Books

back to school books Heading back to school can be tough for everyone involved. New routines, schedule changes, and demands can often make kids a little sad, nervous, and confused. Thanks to this, it is often nice to do some items that will help you to bond in individual and group sessions with the children you are working with. Read More »

Talking About Fruits and Vegetables in Speech Therapy

fruits and vegetables for speech therapy activityWhen you think about the summer time, going to farms and farmers markets for fresh fruits and vegetables is a part of life in the United States. Many children are not familiar with all of the different options that exist because of the limited availability in grocery stores. Take some time before this lesson to ask children and families what their favorite fruits and vegetables are. Inquire if there are special ones that they search for because of their cultural ties. Read More »

Environmentally Powered Language Ideas for the Summer

summer speech and language activitiesChildren love to head outside for sessions, so why not build a few activities that will work on a variety of skills and long term goals? The summer time provides the perfect backdrop to take a walk and turn it into a lesson that will actively engage everyone while learning, growing, and working on specific language goals. Read More »

Fabulous May Flower Speech Connections

Those April showers will lead to May flowers all over the place this month. Children love looking at the colors and differences in these natural beauties. Embrace the wonder and use it for activities that involve some art and fun. Read More »