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Story Cubes For Speech Therapy Sessions

Rory's Story CubesImagine a game that could fit inside your pocket and would be versatile with many skills and ages groups in Speech and Language. Rory's Story Cubes provides just this with nine little cubes that each have six sides with a variety of pictures on them. When you roll the cubes, you use each picture to tell a story that goes together. You can also make up games to work on skills and goals for verb tenses, details, and other items for older students. In addition to the original set, they now make cubes that focus on voyages and actions that can be combined together. Although the cubes say they are for ages eight and up, you will see that you can use them for younger children with support because no reading is required. You can even add in additional sets of cubes with more topics and some with favorite characters from the world of entertainment. Imagine what fun kids can have at any age with this simple resource. Read More »

The American Continent: Discovery or Rediscovery?

The September edition of ¿Qué Tal? focused on celebrations of Independence of several Latin American countries. October is the month when we think about Columbus Day celebrated on the second Monday of October, when Christopher Columbus landed in new shores, which were in fact what America is today. This event took place on October 12, 1592, that is, 513 years ago, and we still make a note of it. Many businesses and schools are closed that day to celebrate this event. In the past few years, the dilemma of discovery vs. rediscovery of the new land has been put forth. Indeed, America did exit, but no one seemed aware of it, at least in Europe when Columbus was sent to explore new lands with support from Queen Elizabeth and King Ferdinand of Spain. Read More »