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2018 Symposium for Service Providers with Bilingual Populations

Bilingual Symposium 2018Are you a speech pathologist, audiologist, school psychologist, or student who supports or would like to serve bilingual clients? Would you like to earn CEUs during the day, and have some fun at night? Whether you're a foodie, music buff, or sight-seeing fanatic, this location has it all! If you're already dreaming up your Vegas plans, you should also plan on attending our 2018 Bilingual Symposium this summer! Read More »

Goodbye and Adios

This column marks the end of a calendar year as well as the end of my tenure as a column editor for Bilingual Therapies. I can’t believe that it has been three years (January 2005) since John Consalvi, former CEO of Bilingual Therapies, invited me to be the company’s column editor, which I named ¿Qué Tal? (What’s up?). Since I began my charge, I have written 36 columns on various topics that I hoped would be of interest not only to practicing clinicians working with primarily ELL Spanish-speaking students but also, hopefully, to other professionals in the field including current students enrolled in speech and language pathology training programs. Read More »

WELCOME – ¡BIENVENIDOS! Happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

January 2005 marks the middle of the first decade of a new millennium, and my appointment as your new ¿QUÉ TAL? Column Editor. I will attempt to follow the trails so carefully carved by Dr. Hart Kayser who has led all of us into thinking and reflecting on important issues affecting our daily work in delivering effective services to bilingual students and their families. Read More »