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Focus on Thanksgiving Traditions and Songs

Focus on Thanksgiving Traditions and Songs When you think of Thanksgiving, you visualize family, food, turkey, and special memories. Children are very receptive to learning when it is focused around holidays and celebrations. It is also a great time to share some of your special holiday traditions with them. To tie in at home, as the children how they celebrate and see if there are any special dishes that they have during their Thanksgiving feast. Share a Favorite Thanksgiving Tale As mentioned in a previous post about using books walks, there are countless stories about Thanksgiving for all different age levels. The Night Before Thanksgiving by Natasha Wing spins the classic familiar Christmas story with turkey day traditions. The focus of this story is on a family getting ready and then celebrating Thanksgiving with their relatives. Baking pies, parades, travel, setting tables, playing with family, and eating the meal are all incorporated. The predictable rhyming pattern will also allow children to jump in while reading. Compare how this is like your celebrations and ask if it is similar to theirs. Read More »