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Story Cubes For Speech Therapy Sessions

Rory's Story CubesImagine a game that could fit inside your pocket and would be versatile with many skills and ages groups in Speech and Language. Rory's Story Cubes provides just this with nine little cubes that each have six sides with a variety of pictures on them. When you roll the cubes, you use each picture to tell a story that goes together. You can also make up games to work on skills and goals for verb tenses, details, and other items for older students. In addition to the original set, they now make cubes that focus on voyages and actions that can be combined together. Although the cubes say they are for ages eight and up, you will see that you can use them for younger children with support because no reading is required. You can even add in additional sets of cubes with more topics and some with favorite characters from the world of entertainment. Imagine what fun kids can have at any age with this simple resource. Read More »

Jumping for Joy in Speech

jumping for joy speechMoving around when working with kids during the summer is important for speech and language sessions. Kids needs to be focused, and that can be difficult to accomplish when the school year is done. Use outside space as much as possible. Kids are flexible, so think about different spaces and places nearby that may work for getting kids to jump around while working on their personal speech and language goals. These suggested activities can get your kids excited for speech sessions, stay active, but also keep focused on their session's purpose! Read More »

Get Moving in the Name of Speech

speech-therapy-board-gamesIt can be hard to keep focus during the winter months because the weather may be cold and gloomy. Kids crave movement, and it may not be possible to take them outside during this season. If you have space for your students to move during sessions, you can utilize gross motor activities with speech and language goals to keep them on their toes. Read More »

I Spy at the Park Activity for Language Learners

I Spy at the Park – Activities for Younger Language Learners Language acquisition doesn’t have to end over the summer. Indeed, there are a number of activities that are perfectly suited to outdoor adventures such as a trip to the local park. Use these outings as a fun opportunity to play language building games such as I Spy and Simon Says. Colors Colors are one of the easiest concepts to incorporate into a game of I Spy. Explain to the children the only hint they are allowed to give is the color of the object they see. It is then up to you to figure out what the object is. Encourage them to be as specific as they can – they can use words like maroon, lime green, or cherry red. This will allow them to practice their color vocabulary, encourage creativity, and help them identify objects of similar colors as you make guesses. Be sure to guess a variety of objects each turn, taking care to point them out in case the student is unsure of what each word is referring to. For example, if the child spies something purple, that is probably a flower, but there is a purple car, shirt, or sign nearby; include the other objects as well. Read More »