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Prepping Students for the End of the School Year

Another school year is coming to an end. As you reach the last few days of class, it’s easy to become distracted by both the excitement of summer right around the corner and the exhaustion that is setting in from a busy school year. We have come up with some great classroom activities to engage you and your students before summer arrives! Read More »

Let’s Go Fly a Kite: Speech and Language Activities

summer-speech-language-activity-ideasWhile the weather is still nice, take advantage of an outdoor activity that will inspire additional tie-ins for speech and language goals. Bring in a kite to share with students. Remember that many may be unfamiliar with kites and how to fly them. Read More »

Utilizing Technology for Speech and Language to Prevent Summer Slide

summer-speech-language-activitiesSummer break is here for many children or just around the corner for others. With this freedom comes concerns of regression for children that receive Speech and Language and other services. This is the time when many speech language pathologists will suggest technology options for kids that will not have summer sessions or will be away for extended periods of time. Read More »

Camping Fun with Role Playing

camping speech therapy The summer months are filled with adventures while children are not in school. Why not model one of these into a few sessions during speech? The first step in doing this will be to use your imagination and to ask others that you know what camping gear you may be able to use for your sessions. Try to get a pop up tent, or figure out a way to make one in an area that you work in. Get a few sleeping bags, folding chairs, coolers, and battery driven lanterns to make it look more authentic. Read More »

Being Busy Bees

Speech and Language Summer ActivitiesThe summer time is a challenge to find balance with fun and practicing skills. Often, families are away on vacations, kids are in camp, and the lure of playing outside trumps speech and language practice. The truth is that all of these summer time distractions mean that speech and language gets pushed aside by children because they are focused on time with their families. This means that it is even more important to make sure to practice and create ways to incorporate this at home. Let's embrace the busy bee theme and use it as a way to stay focused during the busy summer. Read More »