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Thanksgiving Traditions and More

thanksgiving traditionsThanksgiving brings images of spending time with loved ones, eating delicious food, and making special memories. Kids love to share their own traditions, and work on their speech and language goals can focus on these topics. Thanksgiving is a great time to tie in to their families and ask how they celebrate and whether they have special dishes, treats, or traditions that are part of their feast. Read More »

Creating a Book of Thanks

Creating a Book of Thanks The true meaning of Thanksgiving is a tough, yet important topic to talk about. A lot of conversations can work around items discussed in the month of November. Writing and drawing books about the holiday allows children to be able to talk about their views. Once finished making this project, you can have them lead you on a book walk (see earlier post). This helps to foster creativity, model what was previously learned, and build confidence in sharing information. Thankful Brainstorming During a session or two, plan on making a Book of Thanks. This book would be great to start around Thanksgiving and use for the children to present to family members for a December holiday gifting. First up is talking about what being thankful means to them. Lead by example and share some items in your life. Then have the child brainstorm items on their mind. Remind them to think about life at home, school, and other places that they travel to. This can easily become a list of people, places, and things. Remind them that they can be thankful for things that they can do. Do they like dancing, singing, running, or other activities? For older children, this is a chance to discuss different parts of speech. Read More »