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Language Activities with Turkey Feathers

Language Activities with Turkey Feathers As we continue into fall, we often need to spend some time assessing students. Are they reaching their goals, are changes needed in their accommodations, or perhaps they need more of a challenge. While more traditional means may be needed, start with something a little more hands on. Classrooms all around will be sporting turkey decorations for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday season. Why not embrace the turkey and use some of the features to build on language skills? Letter Sound Turkey Practice To begin this activity, you will need to have a general turkey body outline on a piece of paper for students to use. Look around online for clipart that you can implement for teaching purposes, or try drawing one on your own. This template can be used for many different variations of this activity. If the child you are working with is working on the “R” and “F” sound in words, prepare turkey feathers with appropriate pictures for those words. Mix in some that do not have the sound to check mastery of the skill set. Have the child cut out all of the feathers, or do this ahead of time. Then have them begin by saying the word and determining which turkey body the feather belongs to. For additional practice ask the child to put the word in a sentence as they glue the feature onto the turkey. Read More »