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A Month of #BTLove

bilingual therapies meryt complimentFebruary is known as a month to celebrate love, with Valentine's Day happening mid-month. Besides loving your family, friends, and partner, it also feels great to love your job, right? This month, we wanted to find out how much our clinicians love working for Bilingual Therapies, or more specifically - with their recruiter. When we asked our clinicians to share a short quote with their thoughts, we were overwhelmed and humbled by the responses. We are so proud to have such talented clinicians on our team, and want to spread some #BTLove to everyone this month! Check out all the responses we received from our clinicians: Read More »

Focusing on Feelings and Relationships

feelings valentines day craftValentine’s Day gives us the chance to think about people we love. While love is in the air, it’s not the only feeling which students need to be familiar with. If you want them to be open during different therapy sessions, they must be able to communicate different feelings. What feelings do they have about people, places, and things which are part of their world? Kids of all ages enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day because they can be creative and work on expressing their feelings. Working on projects which allow them to practice ways to share their feelings about school will encourage it throughout the year and beyond. Read More »

Lots of Love and More Beyond Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day speech activitiesValentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to work with kids on the topic of love. From here, you may dive into special people in their lives and how they feel about them. Many children may have a difficult time discussing their feelings, so being creative during this process will help them to be more comfortable. Additional topics and focus could be on friendships, sharing, caring, and how to express your feelings with words. Speech and language skills will work well with all of these possibilities. Read More »

Feelings and Love for Valentine’s Day

valentines-day-themed-speech-activitiesYou can usually feel the love in the air when the month of February arrives. Classrooms, stores, and other locations are filled with hearts, pink, red, and other items to show this holiday of love. Children adore celebrating the Valentine's Day because it allows them to be creative and express their feelings. Of course, for some children this can be more difficult. Kids that have speech and language concerns may not know how to properly tell someone that they care. Below are some ways to incorporate the season of love into expressive learning. Read More »

Valentine’s Day: Peer Interaction & Friendship in the Development of a New Language

By now, the Christmas and New Year celebrations are long gone but, for some of you, cold weather and snow are still lingering. The good news is that days are getting longer and we don’t have to wake up in total darkness. Also, at least for me, anticipating celebrations may facilitate going through some personal hurdles and world crises. As a matter of fact, as I have gained more experience in the profession, I have found that daily events and celebrations assist in planning activities for speech and language therapy. What better way right now, as February is approaching, than focus on Valentine’ s Day so widely advertised weeks ahead of time (even now, in the middle of January as I am getting this ¿QUE TAL? column ready). Read More »