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Vocabulary Building for Confidence

vocabulary-speech-activityWhen working on speech and language goals with children, it may be difficult to assess their vocabulary acquisition. Some children may be too shy to share what they know for fear of saying a word the wrong way. Other children may just be uncomfortable and unwilling. The goals during the start of the school year are to ease nervous energy and build confidence. Expanding vocabulary in fun ways will help each child with articulation, speech pragmatics, and confidence to talk with others in different situations. Read More »

Environmentally Powered Language Ideas for the Summer

summer speech and language activitiesChildren love to head outside for sessions, so why not build a few activities that will work on a variety of skills and long term goals? The summer time provides the perfect backdrop to take a walk and turn it into a lesson that will actively engage everyone while learning, growing, and working on specific language goals. Read More »