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Fun While Learning with Snowman Crafts

winter-themed-speech-activityAs the holidays wind down, the winter season is still in full swing. Snowmen provide a great transition from the holidays to weather related learning and fun. Children adore seeing snow friends that are in stories, movies, and seasonal decorations. Craft activities provide a nice way to add in something hands on for a speech therapy lesson. When you have a strong project to start with, it is easy to add in skill building elements that work on speech and language goals. Read More »

Mittens and Much More

winter-themed-speech-activityKeeping warm during the winter is very important. Of course this means hats, mittens, and more in many areas of the country. Along with wearing your mittens, it also means finding lost mittens when one or both are missing. Now why not use mittens for some new and fun ways to work on goals during speech and language sessions? Read More »