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World Down Syndrome Day: Socks and Role Models

lots of socks world down syndrome dayIt’s World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD), started initially by the United Nations. This significant day means the world will unite in recognition and awareness the only logical way it knows how: by donning colorful footwear. While getting creative with your choice of socks is a good way to celebrate pretty much anything, credit for this particular "Lots of Socks" initiative goes to entrepreneur and Long Island native John Cronin. Upon his graduation from high school in 2016, John, who has Down syndrome, founded John’s Crazy Socks with his father, Mark, inspired by John’s own lifelong affinity for wacky socks. Since then, they’ve sold hundreds of thousands of pairs of socks featuring wild and flashy designs to customers around the world, including luminaries like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Read More »