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Simply Snowmen – Winter Activities for Speech Therapy

The winter months are filled with days that children often dream of making their own snowman. Since this is not always possible, why not grab some snowman themed books, crafts, and snacks to tie in with your speech and language sessions? Speech therapists can easily switch the focus on any of the following activities, depending on each individual's IEP goals or age level. Read More »

Spotlight on ASHA 2013

Hello Everyone, 2013-asha-convention There is a lot of excitement in the Bilingual Therapies offices as we gear up and get ready for the2013 ASHA convention in Chicago.  If you are attending the convention this year, please be sure tovisit us in the Exhibit Hall (Booth 1316) and the Career Fair (Booth 1751).  Here are some of us that you might meet: Read More »

Picking Pumpkin Pals

pumpkin halloween While you may not be able to take children pumpkin picking during your sessions, you can bring a pumpkin patch to them. Check in with families and see if they are willing to send in small pumpkins for you to use with their children. If you are able to, you could also buy a few inexpensive pie pumpkins, or make a paper pumpkin patch.   Read More »

Pack a Picnic Full of Fun

The summer means time outside and often going on a picnic. If the weather permits, pack up your speech-language sessions and head outside for a picnic. A small change in the environment can make typical tasks more exciting. Read More »

Interesting Insect Ideas for Speech Therapy

The summer months are not a time to allow hard work from the previous months go to waste. Children need to be motivated to continue to practice their speech and language skills to work toward their goals. Of course, finding fun and exciting ways to do this is the key. While most children are not fans of real bugs, they often adore the cute cartoon like ones.  Read More »

Using Dramatic Play to Inspire Talk Time

Using Dramatic Play to Inspire Talk Time It is human nature for children to be dramatic. Even the more shy kids will typically get into an activity where they get to act items out. Drama may mean being in motion, but it also works on speech pragmatics, conversation, and grammar. For shier children who are afraid to write and read for their practice, this is a great way to get them involved and key into areas that need work. Read More »